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Chanukah at Chabad

Chanukah at Chabad

A full week of Chanukah activities

at Chabad of Bay Ridge
Chanukah December 12th – 20th
Public Menorah Lighting
Spread the light of Chanukah and join together with the Jewish community of Bay Ridge for a public menorah lighting!
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Chanukah Party @

Fort Hamilton Army Base

Celebrate Chanukah with your family and friends at Fort Hamilton Army Base!
  • Fresh donuts
  • Hot latkes
  • Menorah Lighting
  • Crafts for kids
  • Music
  • Friends
  • Smiles all around
Registration is required to be able to enter the Army Base


 Chanukah Event
Come join us for our Chanukah event, We look forward to seeing you there!
Date: Sunday, December 17th
Time: 4:30pm
Location: Chabad of Bay Ridge, 373 Bay Ridge Avenue
  • Olive press Demonstration
  • Make your own Menorah
  • Sand art
  • Music
  • Raffle
Chanukah Celebration
1st Night Chanukah Dec. 12th

Chanukah @ Fort Hamilton Army base.

Registration is absolutely necessary to get on base. 

2nd Night Chanukah Dec. 13th
Lighting @ Chabad of Bay Ridge: 6:00pm
3rd Night Chanukah Dec. 14th

Car Menorah parade.

Contact us to reserve a Menorah for your car

4th Night Chanukah Dec. 15th
No public lighting ceremony
Shabbat Candle lighting: 4:12pm
Friday night Services: 4:55pm
5th Night Chanukah Dec. 16th
Lighting @ Chabad: 6:00pm
6th Night Chanukah Dec. 17th
Chanukah Party: 4:30pm
7th Night Chanukah Dec. 18th
Lighting @ Chabad: 6:00pm
8th Night Chanukah Dec. 19th
Lighting @ city center: 6:00pm
Get your own Menorah
Electric menorahs are great for display purposes, and are a wonderful medium for publicizing the Chanukah miracle. But the Chanukah lights used to fulfill the mitzvah should be real flames fueled by wax or oil – like the flames in the Holy Temple.
Chabad of Bay Ridge • Phone: 718-974-6366 •